What is the difference between a taxi and a car with driver service?

Our car with driver service avails itself of cars newly registered, always clean and impeccable, driven by professional drivers, who will satisfy all requirements. We are at Your disposal 24hours per day, without work shifts and no fees will be applied for night and holidays runs. Also our cars can run on bus and taxi lanes, in ZTL and in city centres. Differently from Taxi We do not strike.

Why choose a car with driver service?

No doubt on the immediate comfort of taxi. But if You have time to evaluate the kind of services offered and their differences, You will not be disappointed by the car with drivers service. Our clients are not de-personalized. We try to create trustful and good relationship introducing us with our name and a handshake. Neither with a code nor with a number.

How can I hire a car with driver?

You can book by calling the phone no. +39 335 5207202 or by sending an e-mail to info@milanoservicelimousine.it

Which are the personal data necessary to book?

The information needed to hire a car with driver are the following: First and Last Name, phone number, booking dates, departure and arrival addresses.

Which is the duration of a car with driver rental?

Is it possible to rent a car with driver also for long period, without km limits.

Where do I find private driver at airport?

Private driver will wait for You at the door after luggage picking up, having Your name on a sign. More details on the meeting place will be sent by e-mail a couple of days before Your arrival.

What happens if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

Flights are constantly monitored by our drivers to check any delay. The private driver will wait for You till You land to grant the service. If flight is delayed, booking will be automatically updated, in line with the plane arrival.

How much time driver waits for You after customs and luggage claim?

Driver usually waits for 30 minutes after You landed before calling the mobile number You gave him. After this time and in absence of the passenger feedback driver will leave the airport. If You are on delay at customs, immigration or luggage claim, You are kindly asked to call the number in Your possess to be sure that the driver will wait for You.

Are there any extra costs?

There are no extra costs. Our fees are fixed, clear, all inclusive, not subject to traffic jams or deviations.

Is it possible to cancel booking?

Any cancellation has to be communicated at least 24 hours before the service is planned to start; beyond that term all costs in our offer will be charged.

How does a car with driver service cost?

Kind of service, car, kilometers, hours and motoways tolls are necessary to establish costs of the car with driver service.You can freely ask for our offer by calling the number +39 335 5207202 or send an e-mail to: info@milanoservicelimousine.it

How and when the service will be paid ?

You can pay with cash or directly on board with Bancomat or Credit Card. Companies can pay with bank transfer or at receipt receival (please specify Your choice at the moment of the rental request).